TLC Gathering is group of people who are the Body of Christ (no, we are not the only ones, the Body can be found all over the earth as the Gospel and the Kingdom of God continue to expand).  We desire to follow our Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the head of the Body.  Our purpose is to seek and bring the lost to salvation and to equip and connect those who belong to the Body.  

At TLC, we are doing our part in eradicating biblical illiteracy.  Check out this page which links to our YouTube Channel: Know the Word-Live the Word.  There you will find brief videos to help build your knowledge and encourage your study of the scriptures.

TLC Gathering does not have any paid staff and is a nonprofit organization that focuses on connecting believers and supporting those in need as well as furthering the teaching and spread of the message of Jesus Christ.

Thanks to our friend Steve Gregg, the founder of The Narrow Path (from which we borrowed much!), we agree with the fact that there are essentials in a Christian's theology. However, we should be careful about being dogmatic in ancillary views where the Bible isn't.

The body of Christ can be found all over the world.  Sometimes, we forget that there are believers both inside and outside the USA, so we want to further the cause of Christ both in America and throughout the world.