Know the Word - Live the Word

Early church believers longed for copies of the living Word of God.  Yet those early followers of Jesus Christ knew the scriptures so much better than we do because of their dedication in oral tradition (memorizing scripture). It would be about 1400 years before the printing press would even be invented.  Now that we have every, conceivable Bible (paperback, hard cover, digital, etc.) and dozens of versions (both "word for word" and "thought for thought"), most of Western Christianity is biblically illiterate.  We know our favorite TV show, stats for our sports team, how to navigate social media backward and forward, but we don't know the living Word of God.

TLC would like to do our part in bringing biblical literacy to as many as we can!  Chris Bender's YouTube Channel Know the Word and Live the Word helps deliver educational videos to help you build your understanding of the Bible and yearn to know the God of the universe who inspired it.  Click on video links below to connect to our channel and start building your knowledge now.  However, it is not alright to just know the word but not live the word.  So, let the Bible transform you from the inside out!

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3-Minute Series


Apologetics (Defense of the Faith)


Understanding Differing Views of Scripture


What May Surprise You About Scripture - & Diving Deeper


What You Must Do To Be Forgiven


Biblical Timeline Videos