Our Morning and Lunch Studies

The Format of Our Studies:

1. Say "Hello" & Open Up in Prayer

Our studies are compact and so is the social time.  If you arrive on time, you'll have about 5 to 10 minutes of socializing before the study begins.  The earlier you show up before the study starts, the better chance you'll have for additional social time.  So, after brief greetings, the facilitator opens up with prayer and starts the study.

2. Read Scripture & Discuss Question Outline

We start by reading the chapter of the book or epistle (in the Bible) that we are studying. For those  who are comfortable doing so, each person reads 5 verses of the scripture until we read to the end of the chapter.  Then we walk through the question outline and resume where we last left off.  


As we discuss questions and answers of the outline, it is possible that related discussions can arise that need clarification or more dialogue.  As long as it relates to the scripture, these tangential conversations are acceptable.

3. Close in Prayer & Say "Goodbye"

As the study time winds to a close, the facilitator will close the study in prayer.  We definitely want to see each participant in the discussion grow closer in friendship as brothers and sisters in Christ.  However, we also need to be respectful of everyone's time.  This study focuses on delivering a compact way to obtain fellowship and Biblical discussion.  The pre and post fellowship time allows for you to connect with others in the study and also take note of any specific prayer needs that others may have.

Lunch study

2nd and 4th Mondays from 11:50 AM to 12:50 PM @ Outback Steakhouse on N. Sunrise in Roseville.