Volunteer Staff

Terry Collins (Teacher and Bible Study Facilitator)

Terry has always been a student of scripture.  His early intent was to go to seminary. 

God​ redirected his life to be what Christ was as a young man (working in construction).  

After a loss in the family some years later, Terry felt the call of the spirit to dive deeper

into the word and become involved in biblical teaching.  Teaching has continued to be a

passion for him and he enjoys communing with the body of Christ and recognizing that

we don't all have to be on the same page with every aspect of our theology.

Terry's involvement in leadership has included being on church boards, school boards, 

teaching both children and adults.  He appreciates the heart of children and their 

readiness to have great faith.

Terry continues to learn from teachers and scholars such as N. T. Wright, Adam Clarke,

Ravi Zacharias, Matthew Henry, Steve Gregg and William Lane Craig.  Prophecy and

eschatology became a strong interest for Terry beginning at age 11.  He's enjoyed 

learning about the multiple views of Revelation and discussing God's plan throughout.

Terry's wife Kathy and his daughter Shari are also active in helping and participating

in TLC functions.

Paula Bender (Administration and Hospitality)

Paula has worked as an elementary teacher and reading inter-

vention specialist for many years in both Rocklin and Western

Placer Unified School Districts.  She also worked for two years as

an employee benefits administrator.  She and Chris Bender have

been married for over 21 years and have helped facilitate multiple

bible studies, home groups and have worked together in ministry. 

Her attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  It started with

becoming a "Spelling Bee" champion at an early age and then
entered into every aspect of her life.  In addition, she is gifted in
making others feel comfortable as she demonstrates hospitality 
day after day.   Paula has a heart for the homeless and those who are

in need of help.

Chris Bender (Co-founder, Teacher and Bible Study Facilitator)

Chris began his work in ministry over 25 years ago as a youth leader for a
growing church.  Over time he found that his love for God’s word expanded to
deeper teaching and leading studies. In the busyness of life, Chris struggled to maintain
the consistent study of scripture.  Since his job had already required a fair amount of driving (working in the world of insurance), Chris began to listen to various audio bibles.  In time, he made it a habit of going through the bible (from Genesis to Revelation, in multiple translations) 4 times each year.  This process continued well over a decade.  

Then, after being introduced to The Narrow Path, Chris began to add to those Biblical commentaries and topical studies from Steve Gregg.  Over the

course of several years, Chris has completed all of the verse by verse biblical commentaries.   He has also completed the majority of The Narrow Path’s

topical commentaries and plans to listen to all of those teachings within the next couple years.

Chris not only enjoys the teaching of Steve Gregg, but also reads books and watches videos from teachers, scholars and apologists such as N. T. Wright, Ravi Zacharias, Lee Strobel, A. W. Tozer, C. S. Lewis, Ted Hildebrandt, Matthew Henry, Jeffrey A.D. Weima, Josh McDowell, Seth McDowell, Ray Vander Laan, John Piper, Francis Chan, Scot McKnight, William Lane Craig, David Feddes, Brennan Manning, and many others.  As a biblical teacher, Chris sees it as his responsibility to equip himself with biblical knowledge, the reasons to defend our faith, knowledge of other religions, etc.  Chris believes that regular studying is very important so that he can effectively equip others with sound, biblical teaching that, through the Holy Spirit can be applied at work, home and everywhere a believer goes.  All the while, we should be looking more and more like Christ as we serve Him.  And, when we share Christ, it should be done in both truth and love.   

Chris and Paula Bender have been married for over 20 years and have one son, Caleb, who is a math major in college and also has a love for apologetics.  Chris and Dan Springmeyer are the founders of TLC Gathering and he is always looking for the Holy Spirit to lead everyone involved with TLC to wherever best gives glory to God. 

Ben Onichko (Teacher and Bible Study Facilitator)

His bio will be coming soon!​

Dan Springmeyer (Co-Founder)  - Went to be with the LORD on 7/1/2018

Dan Springmeyer was a driving force in getting TLC Gathering put into place.  He also coined the name "TLC" and felt that our focus in life should be to demonstrate Truth and Love in Christ with Tender Loving Care.  

Dan met Chris Bender through the ministry of The Narrow Path.  Steve Gregg’s ministry (www.thenarrowpath.com) not only includes a daily bible answer radio show, but The Narrow Path’s website includes thousands of hours of biblical commentary (including verse by verse and topical studies).  

Steve has been awarded a doctorate from Trinity Theological Seminary (for the vast amount of research and teaching he has completed over the 40 + years of his ministry), though you’ll never hear him asking for you to call him "doctor".   After many decades of ministry, Dan went to be with the LORD on Sunday, 7/1/2018.  He and Chris Bender founded TLC Gathering and their desire continues to be that believers in Jesus Christ are strengthened when brought together.  In addition, one of the primary goals of TLC is that believers don't stay where they are, but continue to be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ through the giving of themselves as living sacrifices to their Lord. 

From left to right: Chris Bender, Paula Bender, Dan Springmeyer and our friends from The Narrow Path: Dayna Gregg and Steve Gregg.

From Left to Right: Terry Collins, Ben Onichko, Steve Gregg (with The Narrow Path) and Chris Bender

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